Journey Men


Anticipation is building, and we are so excited to launch our new Men's Ministry on Tuesday mornings, beginning October 3, 2017 at the Ministry Center. The Journey Church has chosen to use the material from the Christian Men’s Network to launch our men’s ministry.  CMN carries a mandate to reach men around the world by entrusting the message of Christlike manhood to faithful men who become commissioned as “ministers to men.”  Moreover, we are doing this because we believe that No Man Fights Alone!  We believe it is not enough to just have a goal to succeed in manhood.  There needs to be a commission. 

A “commission” is an authorization and command to act in a prescribed manner.  It is a charge giving authority to act for, on behalf of, or in the place of another.  nbsp; Over the course of the next two-three years, the willing men of The Journey will take the time to “earn” our commission.  Then at the very end, 

The Commissioned Man receives a sword, the symbol of a trained warrior.  The sword is a weapon of battle, and the act of awarding the sword to The Commissioned Man is recognition that he is armed for battle and has agreed to fight for other men.


Join us every Tuesday morning from 6:00-7:00 A.M. at the Ministry Center, beginning October 3rd and become a commissioned man!