All Ministries

The Lord is blessing the people of The Journey Church through ministries which meet the needs of individuals in all age groups ranging from newly born, toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, middle age, and senior adults. The Lord’s blessings are evident in the joyful excitement and welcoming friendliness that is exhibited by the people in The Journey Church. Visitors often comment that they have never felt so much love in a church, and they return as they become a part of the church body to minister to others in the same manner.

The ministries within The Journey Church are focused on the teachings in the Bible that instruct how the church is to minister to others with the blessings of God’s love and caring. This focus is evidenced in the wide range of ministries which minister to the wide range of needs, ages, and backgrounds for those within the church body. This biblical focus for each of the ministries enables individual personal growth in God’s Word and the practical application of biblical principles in each of the lives of members.